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In memory of Clive Michael Law, established author, publisher, researcher, historian, and friend.

Military Artifact – MilArt

Welcome to MilArt, an acronym for Military Artifact. MilArt was originally published as a paper newsletter from 1996 to 1999 by my father, Clive M. Law, at which time it went dormant due to his other commitments with Service Publications.

Even though collectors of Canadian militaria are well served by two large, national, collectors’ organizations (and countless local groups) he felt that ready access, via the web, to quality articles would benefit our community.

Some articles shown here have been written exclusively for MilArt while others have previously appeared in other media. MilArt allows for colour images, and more of them than is normally found in print journals. A number of categories have been established and more will be added as needed.

With my father’s passing in the summer 2017 I picked up the torch to continue having MilArt accessible to the researcher and collector community as Service Publications came under new management.

To submit your article please send it to me at <>. I will endeavour to post all articles within a couple of days of receipt.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the magazine by selecting a category on the menu bar above, leave comments and share with friends.



  1. Chris permalink

    Clive, This is a terrific idea! I look forward to seeing what is posted in the future.

  2. Another first rate idea from SP and CL
    Nice to see MA resurrected.

  3. Robert Henderson permalink

    Pretty awesome and looking forward to its launch. Where do you find the time?

  4. René permalink

    Great idea and this has the potential of an excellent online encyclopedia on Canadian military material culture.

  5. RoyA permalink

    Well done Clive!
    The German Demonstration Team article is top!

  6. Mark W, Tonner permalink

    Excellent idea Clive, well done!

  7. Bill Alexander permalink

    Excellent resource. This can grow into a great on-line reference!

  8. Thomas Skelding permalink

    Well done Clive, this will be a great on-line site for reference material.

  9. neil smith permalink

    A much needed Canadian site thanks to a man who shows such honest care.

  10. Tim Terrell permalink

    I was a subscriber to MilArt way back when. Glad to see its return on-line.

  11. John permalink

    I can’t thank you enough for providing this valuable resource.

  12. Brian Wolfe permalink

    Many thanks for providing a much needed reference.

  13. Could Mark W. Tonne contact me. I have more information on a Canadian Army Coventanter Tank buried in a 3m hole 1944 in Surrey near Dorking. I am hoping he knows the unit they were issued to.

  14. Richard, thank you for picking up the torch and both preserving, and carrying MilArt forward.

  15. Chris Warnick permalink

    I am glad that the torch has been pick up to be carried forward. I look forward to what is to come. Your Dad would be so proud.

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